Plugins are progressing

2014-11-05 10:57:21

As I have little too much to do at work with other clients I haven't had time to work on Cyan as much as I want to. But at least the plugin structure is starting to take shape. I will make it possible for plugins to expose themselves all over the CMS, something like there is in WordPress today. My current plugin test is a Google Pagerank and position for dedicated keywords for your site on Google. It will be awesome when it's finished!

Started working on the plugin architechture

2014-10-10 12:07:48

I've started working on how plugins work. It's currently in a very early beta so far, but it's progressing. Each plugin will be able to store its own data in the database too. My first test is a Google SERP and page rank plugin that automatically gets your site's page rank from Google plus your site's ranking on certain keywords. … running Cyan!

2014-09-19 18:06:38

I've updated to my earlierst alpha-build here on the site. So I'm officially running my early build of Cyan right here on the site. It still looks a bit like crap on the back end so I won't post any screenshots yet. But it's getting somewhere at least!

Started working on the plugin structure

2014-09-17 10:57:41

I've always been in need of a lot of plugins for all my clients, so we'll definitely have good support for future plugins. My old file and plugin structure wasn't really up for the task so I've started reworking it a bit. Each plugin can old an admin interface for the backend and one or more widgets for the frontend. Each plugin will reside in its own folder in the plugin folder. Similar to WordPress these plugins can be enabled or disabled from the admin GUI. …

Best looking CMS in the world

2014-09-11 15:05:10

My dream and intention with Cyan is to create the best looking CMS ever, even beautiful if you may. There are numerous content management systems out there that are quite good, advanced and powerful, but they can be quite awkward to use. And don't even mention the way they look. A simple and intuitive user interface makes it both easier to use as well as, well... even fun to use! That's my ambition! …

Started new repository!

2014-09-09 11:20:07

Today I've extracted all code from the original repository, making a statement that I'm separating this CMS version from my old one. It will also be more logical and smarter rather than having it in a branch on the original CMS. I've also started stripping away old parts of the content handling and I will now focus everything in the new format. We'll see how to do this with shopping baskets, calendar events which you can participate on etc.

Removed JS- and CSS-dependencies for sites

2014-09-05 10:30:42

Earlier all sites in the CMS required jQuery (both frontend and backend) and Bootstrap for the backend. This resulted in weird clashes if you tried to create a theme that depended on a different version of Bootstrap or jQuery. I have separated all these things between the "admin and visitor parts" of the CMS. I found this is truly much more logic and the best way to go. Probably the ONLY way too :P

New looks

2014-09-01 12:34:53

The new design will feature a fresh look with a vertical menu on the left, plus a navbar on top and a panel to the right. My earlier design only sported a top navigation with dropdowns, but I think putting the menu to the left will be better. Oh, and did I mention it will be fully responsive? I've also started to trim away old fat such as images, LESS and JS-files to make it more "fat free" and lean. The superb Bootstrap 3 is used as the base for the markup, great stuff!    

Finally getting somewhere!

2014-08-26 20:37:01

I've decided to rework my current CMS (Bobolo CMS) rather than creating a completely new CMS from scratch. It would have been much more intelligent to start from the beginning, but I don't have the time to work on two totally separate CMS products at the same time. What I think is the most fun is to work on the GUI to make it simple, flexible and easy to work with. So that's where I'm starting – redesigning the initial CMS to a new smarter and more modern structure and layout. …